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Crock Pot Creamy Spinach Chicken

· 3 Ingredients & a Crock Pot ·

Now I am aware that as someone who loves food, and writes about it, I should be creating fancy meals every night of the week…. that is just not real life for me. Sometimes three ingredients and a crockpot is all I have time for.

I feel like people forget to use their crockpot in the summer. I know for me personally, I use it just as much in the summer as I do in the winter. Where I live, it has been between 95 to 105 degrees each day for the last two months, and frankly I am over it! But I am also not happy about turning on my oven to cook when it heats up my house. Insert crockpot, which makes life so much easier… and cooler.

This recipe, I don’t think, can get any easier! On a day where you do not have time to worry about dinner, this is the recipe you need! All you need is chicken, spinach dip and olive oil. You can even add broccoli, potatoes, or even rice to the crock pot if you want too!


Recipe: Crock Pot Creamy Spinach Chicken

Servings: 6 Chicken Thighs

2 tbsp                                    Olive Oil

6                                            Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

1 ½ cups                               Spinach Dip (Premade from Trader Joes, you can get it in the fridge section)


Turn on your crockpot on low for 4 hours. Cover the crockpot with the 1 tbsp of the olive oil. Make sure all the sides and covered as well.

Then place all your chicken thighs in one layer in the bottom of the crockpot. Drizzle the second tbsp. of olive oil on top.

Take your spinach dip and spread it on top of all the chicken thighs so they are completely covered.

*If you want to add veggies, place them on top of the spinach dip.

Place the top on the crockpot and come back in 4 hours.

The chicken will be so soft and tender with a warm creamy spinach sauce already made for you.

Serve it up with some delicious veggies, potatoes or rice and you have dinner for a few days.



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