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Best Products for Oily Fine Hair

· The Top Products that will Help Reduce Oil and Give Body to your Hair ·

Everyone’s hair is unique. From the colors, to the thickness, texture, length, you name it! There is rarely two people who have the exact same hair. And because of that awesome uniqueness, there is a market that can sell millions of products for every issue your hair might have. But when you have that much selection at all different price ranges it can be tough to decide what is going to really work with your hair.

Here is the low down on my hair issues:

  1. Oily, like I mean could wash my hair in the morning and have oily hair by dinner oily!
  2. Thin and fine. When I was younger I had massively thick hair. I mean we had to get it thinned and it would take hours to curl thick. But because of health issues my hair in the past 5 years has become more fine and a lot less of it.
  3. Sensitive Scalp. The biggest problem I have with products is them burning my scalp. I know not as many people struggle with this issue and you may only have to deal with the above two, but this has really limited what I can and cannot use.

If you are someone who has similar hair issues as me listen up… or keep reading since this is a blog. Below are some products as well as tips and tricks I have picked up along the way to make my hair look fuller, reduce the amount of oil that shows up in my hair and that does not irritate my scalp.



Biotin 2500mcg a day: I have been taking this everyday for a year now and I have not had this much hair in a long time! My hair and nails I noticed are stronger and healthier. So I suggest adding these to your daily intake. Plus they are a gummy and taste like candy, what could be better. Grab them at your local CVS, sometimes they have a buy one get one free.

Purchase at Ulta

Wet Brush: I know it is easy to just grab a hairbrush at the store and keep it pushing, but if you have a hair brush that really doesn’t work for your hair it can make everything worse. I like hairbrushes that detangle wet and dry hair without a massive chunk of my hair coming out. I also like the bristles to be soft so they do not agitate my scalp. This Wet Brush is a dream. I have been using them for about 4 years now and have zero interest in changing brands. I notice this brush does not create more oil in my hair when I brush it, which the Con-Air and cheap brush brands use to do.

Purchase from the GHD Website, they have better deals and colors

Hair Straightener: Let me just say I am well aware how expensive this is! But I had a really hard time with my oily hair getting worse after using certain straighteners. Because I would straighten my hair with a straightener (the one you buy in the mall kiosk) and by the time I was done I noticed how flat and greasy my hair looked. This is the best straightener ever! It heats up in 30 seconds, has a super long cord which is helpful if you have limited sockets in the bathroom and never once has made my hair the slightest greasy. Plus, because the edges are curved you can use it as a curling iron as well. I have had mine for 3 years now and it is still working perfect, but if it ever dies, I will repurchase from this brand only.

ENTER ‘jaclyn160’ for $160 off the 6 in 1 Curler…

Curling Rods/Wands: I prefer curling wands/rods over the typical curling iron. I notice that I get a better consistent curl with less heat damage to my hair with the wands. Plus, I love this one because it has six different sized heads that will give you tons of different types of curls. When I curl my hair using this tool the curls can last up to two day.. and people with oily thin hair know that is a big deal!



Best Products:

Shampoos: I have spent more money on shampoo that did nothing for my hair then I would care to say. This last summer I tried over 4 shampoos and all burned my scalp and made my hair an oil slick. So, I did a bit of Pinteresting to find so many people recommending the Shampoo Bars in Lush. I currently have 3 different bars in rotation and my hair has never been better. I can almost go a day and a half without my hair getting oily now, and I largely equate that to these shampoo bars. Above are my top three favorites for all different reasons. These are also amazing for travel! They last forever and no need to worry about liquids spilling or being past the travel oz.

Conditioner: I have two conditioners that I find are just so lightweight and hydrating to my hair, but not oily at all. The Aussie Cleanse and Mend conditioner first off smells freaking fantastic but is so lightweight is doesn’t weight down my hair but makes my ends look healthy and is maybe $4. It’s a steal, go get it!

The next one is the Eufora Nourish conditioner. I purchase mine from my hairdresser Rose, if you are in the Roseville/Sac area go to her now, she is magic. You can purchase the Eufora line at her salon, Tribe Salon & Spa. I have had one bottle for about about 8ish months and its still going. I have never been happier with a conditioner if you can get this brand go for it.

Tip: if you have oily hair do not put conditioner on your roots. I do mine from ponytail down and only condition my ends ♦

Mousse: Once I get out of the shower while my hair is still quite wet I put half a dollar sized amount of mousse throughout my whole head, roots to tips. Then I brush out my hair and let it dry. If you don’t brush after you mousse you can get those hard pieces in your hair  and a crunchy look when it dries. If you are a fancy human you can blow dry your hair but I really hate blow dryers.

Dry Shampoo: I am a COLAB Dry Shampoo lover. You can see my review and photos of using it here.

Purchase at Ulta

Texture Spray: I have a hard time with sea salt or texture sprays as they burn my scalp and after an hour make my hair look greasy. This one is the only one that I have no negative side effects from. I turn my head upside down and spay it in my hair and move it around with my fingers and scrunch it to add texture in the bottom ends of my hair. It gives a great done but undone beach vibe to your hair.

Purchase at Sephora

Hair Mask: This brand is awesome, although it is a bit pricier in the hair market, I really enjoy their products. When I have done too much to my hair or put too much heat to it, I like to do a hair mask. I like this one because when you rinse out the mask your hair feels healthy and hydrated, with no oily residue.

De Frizz Cream: When I am doing braids in my hair or a half up/half down, (pretty much anything that is not straight) I run this through my dry hair and it just smooth’s your hair down so nicely that the style look cleaner but also stays a bit longer. If you struggle with a bit of frizz ( mine is around my temples) or just have tons of baby hairs try this out!



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