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Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Collection Review

· Reviewing Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Collection: Starter Pack for Serums ·

This review has been a long time coming. I have been interested in the Alpha-H brand for about a year now. After hearing Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly speak about how great their products are. But I had no freaking idea how to get it shipped to the US without paying massive amounts in customs and shipping. I finally was able to stumble upon the Beauty Bay website who ships the whole line of Alpha-H and other brands from across the pond to the US, for a very reasonable shipping price. I think I paid $4.35 which is about $100 buck less then Cult Beauty.

What is Included: I love the idea of the Vitamin Profiling Collection. It gives you smaller versions of each serum that targets all different types of skin issues. Vitamin A 0.5%, Vitamin B with Copper Tripeptide, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, are the 4 Vitamins that are provided in the collection. Plus, a note on Alpha-H, they provide so much information on the products, it is incredible! There is a wheel that gives you day and night routines for 8 different skin issues. Two huge pamphlets on each product, how to use the item and what they are expected to do. I have never seen any other company or product on the market give you that much information. Some brands don’t even give you an ingredient list! So, if you are someone who really wants to start taking better care of your skin but all the different products and how to use them intimidates you, START WITH THESE!

Price: When I made my order, I got the Liquid Gold Acid Toner, Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil and the new Vitamin Profiling Collection. The Vitamin Profiling Collection cost $57.30 (plus tax and shipping) and comes with 4 bottle with .25 mL of product in each ($14.33 a bottle) . For as expensive as Serums are on the market today, I think these are great value for money with excellent ingredients. I have been testing out the products in all different ways for over a month now to talk about the products themselves as well as any results.

Below is an individual review of each Vitamin serums that is included in the Vitamin Profiling Collection.


Vitamin A 0.5% with Evening Primrose:

One of the softest retinol serums I have used. It is a thicker yellow toned serum with a dropper allocator. I think retinol can get a bad rap and scare people off. This is so soft on the skin and blends in with no shine or sticky feeling when you apply it. You wake the next day with smoother and a brighter look to your skin. I personally prefer a 1% retinol as I have been using them for a while but if you are new this is an amazing starter. Perfect product for people who want to ease into using retinol or dry dehydrated people who want to use a retinol. Any skin type can use this product, only use at night.


Vitamin B with Copper Tripeptide:

This serum is like a hangover helper for your skin. It is a very silky light serum texture with a blue tone to it. I use this mostly in the morning or at night if I had a very heavy face of makeup and SPF on. It helps moisturize your skin, protect your skin cells from environmental aggressors (the sun), stimulates collagen and reduces age spots. It lays perfect under a moisturizer and makeup. Or at night under heavy creams and oils as well. You need this in your life! When I finish this bottle, I will purchase the bigger bottle. Mature, combo, normal and dry skin types for sure will see results from this right away. Oily skin should test it to make sure it is ok for the day and doesn’t make them look too shiny. But 100% great to use at night.


Vitamin C with Grape Seed:

I have been struggling to find a good Vitamin C that my skin reacts positively too, this I think is the best so far! The perfect lightweight textured serum that dissolves instantly into your skin, so work it in quickly. This goes on so smooth in the day before makeup and at night under my moisturizer. Although I have not noticed a major difference in the scarring I have on my face.  I do notice that almost all the texture on my skin around my cheek area and forehead is gone. I am going to keep using this product as it is the most results I have seen from a Vitamin C product. This will be perfect for every skin type, especially if you are like me and have texture issues.



Vitamin E with Macadamia:

A liquid band-aid for your face! This is one of my favorite products in the collection because of its uniqueness. This is a thin white casted silky serum. That when you put on your face almost seals all your problems instantly! I don’t mean seals like foundation that covers and hides every flaw. I mean that if you have acne, you have picked your face, scabs, sunburn, dry flaking skin. This stops all of that!! If you are someone who has terrible texture in your skin I strongly advise you to start using this in the morning before your moisturizer and makeup routine and really see the difference. Also, if you suffer with severe acne and are on doctor prescribed acne treatment that can intensely dry out your skin, use this at night and that will happen dramatically less!! When I have done a lot of acids or peel masks on my skin I always follow up with this right after to make sure my skin stays smooth and I have no negative side effects. I urge everyone to get this and start using it right away.


Overall, I highly recommend this Vitamin Profiling Collection to all skin types and ages! For the price and how good and effective the product is, it is a steal!







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