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Summer 2017 Beauty Essentials

· The Beauty Products that will outlast the Summer Heat ·

As I am writing this it is an insane 107 degree outside. So I think it is safe to say summer is officially here! In regards to my beauty routine, I am someone who changes up their products and looks with every season. In summer, I focus a bit more on shimmery eyeshadows with warm tones on the eyes and cheeks. I want my hair to have those soft beachy waves in it with a lot of volume at the roots to combat the humidity. The most important beauty item through the summer months though is to have a great base. You need something that lasts and makes your skin look like it has a healthy summer glow, not a face full of sweat.

The biggest update I always do in the summer when I want my face to last all day is use cream products first than topping with powders. When the summer heat and humidity hits trying to make powders lay and last well on your hot sweaty skin just never turns out awesome. Cream blush and bronzers are life savers. Milk Makeup has my favorite cream products. For an extra secure look go in with cream bronzer, blush and highlight. Then top them all with a powder version to really make them last. That way the powder sticks to the creams and not your skin, adds an extra layer of “adhesive” if you will.

Below are the products that I consider my Summer Beauty Essentials. They are my tried and true items that I know can give me the perfect summer look and I never have to worry about the heat winning.

Pixi Sun Mist SPF 30

This should not be a surprise at all. Sunscreen is a must! I am someone who has never gotten along well with sunscreen. So many can cause me to break out, hives, or not even work. This is by far one of my top three sunscreens. I just spray it on my face after my makeup, on my chest, neck and ears. I use a stronger cream for my arms and legs. If you are someone who forgets to put sunscreen on or disliked wearing it in general, try this out!


Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

This is a new cleanser love for me. I am usually a balm cleanse lover myself, but with this intense summer heat and my skin getting a bit oilier I wanted to find a cleanser with some good acids and a pore cleansing mud. I love this cleanser, it can be used at night to take off makeup, used as a second cleanse or a quick morning face wash. The Aloe and Squalane hydrate while the mud and Glycolic Acid go in and clean my pores. Great grab from Target and a good budget buy in skincare for all skin types.


Becca Backlight Filter Face Primer

I am not someone who has ever been super sold on the primer idea…this primer changed my mind! I find that in the heat the typical silicon based primers make your makeup slip even more. This primer not only hydrates my skin but gives it a serious glow. It is beautiful under the Luminous Becca foundation obviously but just as good under others as well. My favorite way to wear it is under a matte foundation. It gives my skin such a healthy look and balances the powdery look that matte foundation can give you. Only use about a ½ – 1 full pump.. a little goes a long way. TIP: You can also use this on top of your foundation as a natural liquid highlighter.

Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation

This is one of my favorite foundation! It is a luminous medium coverage foundation. I always feel like my skin looks a bit healthier and summer ready when I put this foundation on. Because this is a aqua foundation the consistency is liquidly so shake the bottom hard for a few seconds before opening and using. I will say that the dropper bottle does kinda suck, so do not spill. This is ideal for people with dry, mature, and combo skin. I would say if you are oily use a strong matte primer underneath and you will be fine. The Aqua Foundation stays in place throughout the day no matter the heat. It is ever more amazing with the Becca Primer underneath.


Givenchy Prisme Visage Perfecting Face Powder #1

I have had a long search to find the perfect transparent face powder. One that neutralizes your skin tone, blends in beautifully on top of your foundation and concealer but also helps your skin look extra flawless. This ladies and gentleman is it. I sweep it under my eyes with the brush provided to brighten and lock in my concealer. Or on a large fluffy brush all over my face to set my foundation for extra hot days so that nothing slips off in the heat. This is a pricey item but so beautiful and lasts forever. If you want to matte your foundation you can take a beauty blender and rub it into the powder and bake with it.


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar

I picked this one up while I was in Selfridges in London. After the Bobbi Brown counter consultant brushed it on my cheek I was impressed. It is a blush highlighter combo. You can take your blush brush and swirl it around the whole brick.  Or each shade that makes up the brick can be used indidually on the cheek or even as an eyeshadow. I use this so much in the summer to complete my healthy glow look. They come in several shades but this by far is my favorite, especially on very fair skin and deep dark skin.


Too Faced Melted Matte in Lady Balls

I know that for many they see a red lip and think of winter and Christmas time. Which I do agree, I wear this a ton around Christmas. But with 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day I find a red lip is magic in the summer. This though is the ultimate red liquid lip. It lasts 4 to 6 hours through eating and drinking. It is a matte that is not too drying or makes your lips look bad. This is a blue under toned red color which is gorgeous on any skin tone. A gold eyeshadow, highlighted cheek and red lip is the essential look for a summer night out!


COLAB Dry Shampoo in Tropical

If you have not figured it out already I am obsessed with dry shampoo. It helps give volume to my fine hair and kick oils ass. You can see my full review with photos here. When COLAB relaunched all of their dry shampoo fragrances this year I was ecstatic. This is by far my favorite. It is a tropical dream with the scent of pineapple and papaya. With this warm heat making my oily hair much worse, I can count on my COLAB to make my hair summer ready.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Perfume

I bought this for myself on my 24th birthday. I have a really hard time finding perfumes with warm notes that don’t instantly smell like an old lady on me. This however is the perfect balance of warm, floral and sexy. With notes of Peony, Muguet and Tender Musk. Not only is the bottle gorgeous, the smell lasts forever on your skin and clothes. I prefer the white version as it is a bit more feminine in smell to the Black. I think this is my favorite summer evening perfume for a night out.




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