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Bomb A$$ Granola

…I know there is about 9 billion granola recipes out there, and it is not a rocket science recipe either, but for some reason this sucker stands out. I started making this about two years when I wanted something new for breakfast and as a snack. The one thing that is also great about this recipe is that you can do it with oats or without, so it’s personal preference.

You will see in this recipe the sweetener that I use is honey. I always recommend honey over agave because honey can help people with allergies (yay me) and acid reflex. I know it is very easy just to pick up a jar of honey at the store but please if you can try to buy a local honey from a seller at your local farmers market. Introducing honey from your area can really help allergy suffers especially if you’re allergic to pollen. The darker the honey the more antioxidants so my personal fav is dark flowery honey.  The better your ingredients, the better your food taste…mic drop!

Recipe: Granola

Servings: 4ish Cups

Oven Temp: 325F


3 cups                   Quick Instant Oats (put in recipe if you want oat)

1/4 cup                 Dried Cranberry, chopped

1/4 cup                 Coconut Chips

3 tbs                      Flax Seeds

1/3 cup                 Cashews, chopped

1/3 cup                 Raw Almonds, chopped

1/4 cup                 Pecans, chopped

1/4 cup                 Pumpkin Seeds

1                             Orange, All the Zest

1/4 cup                 Dried Apricots, chopped small

1/2 tsp                 Almond Extract

2 tbs                      Vanilla Extract

2 tbs                      Cinnamon

1 tbs                      Pumpkin Pie Spice

1 tsp                      Grated Nutmeg

1/2 cup                 Coconut Oil (in liquid state)

1/2 cup                 Honey


Cut up all your nuts and dried fruit so they are in bite sized chunks.

In a very large bowl take all the ingredients except the honey and coconut oil. Add the zest of one orange to the granola. Make sure all the ingredients are coated in the spices. I like my granola to really have a lot of flavor so taste a bit, and if it needs more spices go for it!

Once combined, pour in the oil and the honey. TIP: pour the oil first so that way the honey will not stick to the inside of your measuring cup. Stir really well till all the granola mixture almost looks wet by the honey and oil. Turn on oven to 325 F. On two lined cookie sheets spread the granola mixture evenly on the pans. You want it to be packed and thin as possible on the sheets.

Now here is the trick to this Granola; set your timer for 15 mins and pull the granola out and flip it around. Move all the little pieces around and then reflatten and place back into the oven. Set for 15 mins again and do the same thing. It normally takes me about 45 mins to cook this. You are looking for it to be the perfect golden brown (see photo below). Once it is the right color take the sheets out and don’t touch them for 30 mins while they cool.

After it has cooled, scoop on up in an airtight container and enjoy! It should last about 2 – 3 weeks in the container.

Freezer Tip: This recipe does make a massive amount of Granola so if you don’t want that much you can throw some in an airtight zip lock and put in freezer for up to 4 months.



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