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Salted Nutella Cookies

Salted Nutella Cookies

Nutella, a milk chocolate decadent cream with just the perfect undertone on hazelnut. It is a magical spread that just seems to make pretty much all food (or a spoon) taste better. As much as I love Nutella, it is insanely messy. It’s gooey and drips everywhere, but I love it in my desserts. But when you mix Nutella into your dessert the mess goes away, and the oven just does something to amplify the flavor.

This recipe is from my Tanya Bakes book. It is probably in my top 5 cookie recipes list, which is a big statement! I have made these cookies for birthdays, girl’s nights in, my work and even on a Sunday when it’s been a rough week. These cookies can go from creamed butter to baked in less than 30 mins. They are such a fast and simple cookie. With just a few ingredients’ and a massive scoop of Nutella, these are a gorgeous and unique take on a cookie.


Recipe: Salted Nutella Cookie

Oven Temp: 375F

Servings: 20 large cookies


1 cup                                      Butter, room temp

1 ½ cups                               Sugar

1                                              Egg

2 ½ cups                               All Purpose Flour

1 tbsp                                     Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp                                   Salt, extra for garnish

1/2 cup                                  Nutella


This recipe is so quick you can use a wooden spoon or a mixer for the batter. Turn your oven on to 375F. In a bowl cream your butter and sugar together.

Once they are fully whipped and mixed, add the egg and vanilla and mix again.

Now you will add the flour and 1/4 tsp of salt to the butter mixture. Make sure that the flour is fully incorporated into the mixture. It should be the texture of a light sugar cookie dough.

At this point take ¼ cup of Nutella and place blops of it all throughout the dough. With your spoon mix the Nutella into the batter. Do the same with the second ¼ cup of Nutella. You want the Nutella to be marbled into the batter, not a full Nutella cookie batter.

Grab your ice cream scoop and start to take a scoop of batter. Roll the dough onto a ball and flatten it to look like a thick disc. You should really be able to see the marble of Nutella in the batter now. Continue on with the rest of the batter. Once all the cookie discs of dough are on your foil lined baking sheet sprinkle the salt onto the tops of the dough.

Place into the oven and cook for 15 mins. You will know when the cookie is done because the bottom will be a light brown with the sides starting to crack, but the center will still look a tad underdone and soft. Take your cookie out of the oven when they have hit this stage and place them on the counter for 30 mins. This time will allow them to set and finish cooking the inside of the cookie.

And as simple as that your Salted Nutella Cookies are ready to go! Great with milk or an extra scoop of Nutella on top 😉

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