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Facial Cleansing Brush Battle

The Facial Cleansing Brush Battle

Its 2017, apparently just cleansing your face with soap and water is not good enough? Yep! It is not, for some! With new products on the rise to make your skin top notch, we are now not just buying cleansing products anymore, we are buying cleansing tools.

When electronic cleansing brushes hit the market a few years ago the beauty world went crazy! Some in confusion, some in excitement! Never the less, it is the ultimate question…what brush do you trust to cleanse your face?

Today I will be reviewing some of the top electronic cleansing brushes. What are their Pro’s and Con’s, as well as comparing them against each other to see which one really wins the Facial Cleansing Brush Battle.

Get your Sephora cart ready…


Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Cleansing System $129.00:

When Clarisonic launched their cleansing brushes a few years ago everyone and their mother threw mass amount of money at it in hopes of better skin. While Clarisonic does have a few versions of this brush, the Mia 1 is the cheaper price and in my opinion better than the Mia 2. The only difference between the 1 and the 2, is that the 2 has two speeds.

To start off we must give Clarisonic some credit for kicking off this facial cleansing tool craze. I will admit I did get the Mia 1 when they first launched and used it for 2 years.


  • Buzzes your brush every 15 seconds so you move to different sections of your face, and buzzes again after a minute of use. Example 15sec on cheek, 15 sec on other cheek and nose, 15 sec on chin and jawline, 15 sec on forehead.
  • There is a different brush head for all the needs your skin could have. Similar to many skin care cleanser tools, they believe there is different heads for different skin types and problems

  • This thing is a survivor! I have dropped it in the shower, taken it traveling, and kept it going for two years before it would no longer charge. I think it’s important that if you are paying that much for an item you know it lasts.
  • Easy to clean brush head. Do not forget you still need to clean cleansing brushes! I use part anti-bacterial soap and baby body wash to clean it.
  • Helps make your face wash last longer. I noticed I didn’t have to use as much face wash when I used the brush because it helped me work the product into my skin for me.


  • Lasts 10 days before having to charge, which it comes with. Takes about 12 hours to fully charge. I can’t even count how many times I would get into the shower and the thing would be dead.
  • The brushes replacements are expensive. It is recommended to change the brushes every three months. I think that is a bit long. I started to notice after a month that the brush started to look bad, even if I cleaned it. In one whole year, you spend $108 just on brush heads alone. * Amazon does sell knock off brush heads for $10 and they feel the exact same so look out for that.
  • Peoples skin breaking out after use. Now this did not happen to me but many people complained that their skin started to break out or purging when they started using the brush. If that happens stop using it! It is your skin telling you that the bristles are agitating it.
  • It is bulky in a bad way. The item I feel is much bigger than it needs to be. A bit ago Clarisonic made a smaller version, the Mia Fit (pictured below), that is much more hand and travel friendly but at a huge price increase $219.00. If you ask me, it’s crazy that you pay almost one hundred dollars more for a product half the size!


3.5 out of 5 Stars – I think that there is some good thinking behind the Clarisonic, they give you the ability to customize and select what you might want. But they need to reevaluate their design and pricing. They also need to figure out a better way for the heads to stay sanitary and the charge to last longer.


Clinique Sonic Purifying Cleansing Brush $89.50:

Clinique came up with their version of the Clarisonic Mia, but at a smaller price.


  • Comes with a carrying case, and a travel size range of Clinique Skin care. If you are a Clinique fan than you will most likely pick this option. Great amount of product and size for the price.
  • The brush head is much softer than the Clarisonic heads. They are still needing to be changed as frequently and washed.
  • Beyond travel friendly. It is much slimmer and a bit more mobile than the big Clarisonic and comes with its own case so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.
  • Charge lasts for 180 mins.


  • Per usual the brush heads are expensive and you constantly have to replace them every three months, totaling to $104.00 per year. And there is no knock off head that you can get from another site like the Clarisonic.

  • Because the bristles are so soft and packed so tightly I find that the brush head needs to be cleaned more often and I find it is not as easy to clean. When you are washing off a full face of makeup everyday it needs to be cleaned much more.
  • Does not have as many brush head options, and the other options are much too harsh for your skin.


4.5 out of 5 Stars- This is almost the younger sister version of the Clarisonic. It is at a better price, comes with more products, and holds a charge for longer. I still wish the brush head were cheaper and more sanitary. Also, the brush shuts off after 30 seconds so if you are in the middle of washing and it goes off, you need to restart the timer.


Foreo Luna Mini 2 $139.00

This is a whole different style of facial cleansing brush from the Clarisonic. This is a small handheld cleanser device with no changing rotating heads, instead it has 8,000 T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute channeled through silicone touch-points or bristles.


  • There are no changing heads so you are not spending an extra $100 a year to change those.
  • There are several different Luna versions. They have several in different sizes, and even a different brush for different skin types. I like the Luna Mini 2 the best for its bristle size, the size of the device and its price.

  • It has 8 different speeds that you can control on the handle. The device is also double sided with three different sized bristles on it. That allows you to pretty much clean your face in several different ways with one device.
  • If you are one of the people who tried the Clarisonic and it broke you out, you might like this instead. It is just pulsing the products onto your face. There so no roughness or circling head that can damage some people’s skin.
  • Extremely travel friendly and with a charge that lasts 180 uses. You only need to charge this a few times a year!
  • Very easy to clean. Because they are silicone bristles vs the plastic bristles on the other brushes. I wash this still once a week but it takes just a few seconds because there is barely anything ever stuck on the silicone.


  • Yes, it is the most expensive device out of all of them. But because you do not have to constantly spend money for new heads, it ends up being one of the cheaper solutions. * When you buy these around Christmas they come with tons of travel sized skin care for the same price.
  • It is a very different feeling than the other brushes. It took me about a week to fall in love this the texture of the silicone bristles.


5 out of 5 Stars – This to me is the perfect facial cleansing brush. I do not have to charge it constantly, never buy new head and it a breeze to use and clean. They also sell a Luna Play (pictured below) for $39 that lasts for 100 uses if you want to try the Luna without spending that much.

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System $34.99

This is what I consider to be a knock off or dupe of the Clarisonic Mia 2 but at a much more wallet friendly price.


  • Way cheaper in price! Similar to the Clarisonic it is the handle brush with a rotating bristle head. This version has two speed options.
  • The bristles of this brush head are soft but not as densely packed as the other options which makes cleaning much easier.
  • This runs off of 2 AA Batteries, so no need to worry about finding your charging cord and when will the charge will go out.
  • The box comes with 2 brush heads for you to use. Plus, the additional heads are 2 for $10.99. So you only spend about $20 a year to replace the heads.


  • Def not pretty to look at. It is a very very basic looking device. No color or different head types. It is very much a one and done item.
  • There is no timer on this item. It just keeps going until you manually turn it off. It is a bit hard to know how long you have been washing your face.
  • You still need to pay to replace the brush heads every few months and work on cleaning these.


4 out of 5 Stars – This is an exact unfancy dupe of the Clarisonic Mia, at a way better price. If it had a few more head options and a timer it would be 5 star.

And the winners are…

4th Place… The Clarisonic Mia

3rd Place… Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

2nd Place… Clinique Purifying Cleansing Brush

1st Place… The Revolutionary Foreo Luna Mini 2


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