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DIY Mimosa Bar

DIY Mimosa Bar

Now it might seem a bit weird for someone who does not drink (no really I don’t) to write a post about alcohol. But I had the pleasure of hosting my best friends bridal shower and this was one of the drink options. The best part about this DIY Mimosa bar is that with Summer right around the corner you may have tons of outdoor parties coming up and this will be perfect for a hot day.

One of the great things about making your own drink station is that you can customize it as much as you want. If you have all grown-ups at the party, you just have different champagnes. Or if you know kids will be there, you can get Sparkling Cider or Ginger Ale for them to use as a substitute.

For this Mimosa bar, I had three different juice options to pair with the champagne. The classic Orange with a twist. A Cranberry Acai juice that is a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Third, a Peachy Vanilla Juice. When you are purchasing the alcohol for this save money by getting your Champagne at Costco or Bevmo. Sometimes World Market has alcohol sales as well, so look out for those in emails.


Recipe: Orange Sunrise Juice

Servings: 16oz

1 can                                     Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate

1                                             Grapefruit

Place your frozen juice concentrate in a medium sized pot over medium low heat. Keep Stirring until it comes to liquid less frozen state. Once it has softened, squeeze the juice of ¼ of the grapefruit into the pot. Than add the zest of half of the grapefruit.


Keep checking on and stirring the juice at a soft simmer. You want the juice to reduce and thicken up just a bit. Once the juice has warmed up and thickened a bit (5-7mins), take the pot off the heat. I made the juices in advance of the party so I put mine into reusable seal jars. Place the Jar in the sink and a small strainer over the opening. Pour the juice in slowly. You want to make sure all the pulp gets caught in the strainer so you have a nice smooth juice for your drink. Once it is full, seal the container tight. Keep this in the fridge for up to 5 days. If it is longer place in the freezer and pull out the night before the party.

Recipe: Cranberry Acai Juice

Servings: 16oz

1 1/2 cups                           Cranberry Juice

1/2 packet                           Frozen Acai Berry Puree (can use acai berries instead, just mash)

1/4 cup                                 Frozen Mixed Berries

3 tbsp                                    Honey

1/2                                         Juice of a Lime

Add all the ingredients to a medium sized pot on medium low heat. You will want to keep this on a low simmer to make all the ingredient blend together nicely and really bring out the sweetness. It should reduce a small bit and thicken up (after 5 – 7 mins on simmer).

Once it is ready grab your jar as you did with the previous juice and strain the juice into the jar until it is full.

Recipe: Peachy Vanilla Juice

Servings: 16oz

1 bag                                     Frozen sliced Peaches

1/2                                         Nectarine, sliced

1 tsp                                      Vanilla Extract


In a small blender, I used my magic bullet, place your peaches and one cup of water. Blend the peaches until they are completely pureed. Add the peach puree, vanilla extract and the slices of nectarine to the pot on medium heat. Cook this down on a low simmer for 5 – 7 mins.

If you taste this and notice your peaches were not as sweet as you had hoped, you can add a tsp of honey or brown sugar. Once it is ready grab your jar as you did with the previous juices and strain the juice into the jar until it is full.

On the day of, I pulled the juices and champagne out of the fridge so they were nice and cold. I placed each juice in a cute container so people could grab and make whatever drink their heart desired. Having the juices, champagne and the glasses all in one section is great because people can just help themselves to what they want. If you want to add another layer of fun you can get themed stir sticks, or fun themed glasses. You can also have more drink add-ons such as small cups of raspberries or blueberries, orange peel slices, or if you are feeling wild frozen dragon fruit pieces. I hope this DIY Mimosa Bar gives some extra pizzazz to your next party!


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