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Spring 2017 Beauty Essentials

Spring 2017 Beauty Essentials

When I am buying my makeup, skin care or even hair products I am buying them to use 24/7, 365. I purchase things that work for me, are a color I enjoy and most important when I put it on it makes me feel happy. But as the seasons change I tend to find myself grabbing certain products over others.

With Spring just starting to peak its head out in Northern California, I find myself reaching for more bright colors on my eyes and cheeks. The look of bright healthy skin in not only my makeup but skin care products as well. Below are a quick (lies, it’s a lot get ready) list of my favorite Spring 2017 Beauty products that I find myself constantly reaching for this time of year, get your credit card ready!

Farmacy – Green Clean Cleansing Balm:

Oh how I just love this cleanser. Cleansing is my favorite part of the skin care process. (Serums are 2nd) As to why I probably have an abnormally large collection of them. But this one is a current obsession! It is almost a hard oil in the fact that within seconds of massaging it onto your makeup everything disintegrates. And don’t even get me started on the smell, like lime orange margaritas! Green Clean removes all my makeup is seconds and leaves my skin feeling fresh with less redness.  Any skin type can use this cleanser.

The Ordinary – Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA:

The Ordinary is slowly starting to become one of my favorite brands. There no nonsense packaging and marketing gives you amazing ingredients and products for around $10. I understand that many can be put off by the scientific names but if you go to their website they explain in detail what each product is good for and how to use. Alpha Arbutin visibly improves skin spots and hyper-pigmentation. I use this at night right after my toner but also in the morning under my moisturizer. I find that it really helps with texture and give an amazing base for my foundation.


Hylamide – C25 Vitamin C Booster:

From the brother company of The Ordinary, Hylamide who is also owned by DECIEM. The main reason I love this Vitamin C Booster is because it is the only one that has not broken me out. Vitamin C is great at brightening your skin and reducing scarring and dark spots. This Vit C is the perfect texture! Almost like a watery oil. I put a few drops on my face and rub it in, and then it is gone! No sticky feelings, no weird residue or cast of my skin. You can use this day or night. Best Vitamin C starter product.

Dr. Brandt – Microdermabrasion:

When the freezing temperatures start to subside and the sun starts to come up, I find that my skin get a bit dryer and needs to be exfoliated more. When I exfoliate more I get less break out but also it reduces the texture of my skin for a smoother makeup application. I received this Microdemabrasion from my BoxyCharm subscription box. You can read my review of it and how to use it here. It is my go to exfoliant.

The Ordinary – Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%:

Another magical skin YES from The Ordinary. Azelaic Acid aides healthy skin renewal to help clear acne, brighten pigmentation, pimples and rosacea-prone skin. This though surprisingly comes in a silicon gel cream texture. I use this as a primer. If you have oily acneic skin go buy this right now!! It costs as much as a Starbucks drink and will do a lot more good for you. It acts as the perfect silicon primer (but has no silicon in it) that reduces my redness and blurs out my pores and spots. I would not suggest for dry skin as it dries quite matte.

Milk Makeup – Blur Stick and Cooling Water Minis:

I purchased the Milk Mini Makeup Set a bit ago from Sephora because they looked like great products with ingredients that wouldn’t hurt my skin.. I was right! The cooling water stick really brightens up your skin and hydrates it. If you have dry or mature skin, grab this stick and use it before you put your makeup on. The Blur stick is self explanatory. It really helps blur my redness and acne but also made my foundation stick a lot better in areas of my face that it tends to slip off of. For both products I just roll it in the areas I need and pat it out with my finger tips.

L’Oreal Paris – Infallible Pro- Glow 24 Hour Foundation:

I try really hard to find drugstore foundation but for me personally they either are a horrible formula, not the right color, or break my skin out. This is the only drugstore foundation that I believe is PERFECTION! It is a medium satin finish. It says glow but it is Satin, not dewy. Blends like a dream and really looks like it becomes one with your skin. Best of all they come in so many colors everyone can wear it. This is my perfect spring foundation for all skin types.

Real Techniques – Sculpting Brush:

I use this brush so much I have two. I am already a big fan of Real Techniques but this by far is my favorite brush. It gives you an airbrushed look, doesn’t pick up too much pigment that gets stuck in your brush and is easy to clean with no shedding. I use this for foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, blush and highlight. Go to Ulta and get this brush!

MAC – Prep + Prime Fix+ Coconut:

I have been a big lover of Fix+ for years now, but recently they relaunched the scented ones and I just had to grab the coconut one. (they also have rose and lavender) I would say everyone who wears a full face of makeup should be using Fix+. You can mist your dry clean face with it and use it as a primer before foundation. You can use it after you have finished your whole face to set the makeup and make everything lay on the skin much more naturally. Or you can even spray your Eyeshadow brushes to make the glitter or shiny eyeshadow have a bigger impact. It is the most universal spray on the market!

MAC –  Cream Casual Colour in Have A Nice Day :

In the spring and summer I tend to use more cream blushes because they give you a “your skin but better” look. For me this MAC formula is the best! It gives you just the right amount of pigment blends so easily and comes in so many shades. This one is a warm nude pink peach color that I will even throw on my eyelids as an Eyeshadow, when I am being lazy. If blush makes you nervous to apply, start with these.

BECCA – Pressed Prismatic Amethyst Highlighter:

So far this year, this is my favorite product launch. You may look and go hell no who is wearing a lavender highlight every day? It cannot work and look natural, well you better check yourself because it does! This highlighter has a great mix of lavender, pink and white gold which literally looks amazing on every skin tone. I know a lot of companies have launched different colored highlighters but I cannot go to work with a blue tint on my check. This highlight is unlike any other. Plus I use it as eyeshadow and liner from time to time. I am wearing it on the top of my blush in the picture above ↑

Maybelline – Pumped Up Colossal Mascara:

I know there are a million mascaras out there and believe me I plan to try them all on to find the perfect one, but this is def in my top 5. I love the bristles in this wand because they are of all lengths so they really grab your lashes and coat them well to make them look as long as possible. This is by far one of the blackest formulas and I never have to worry about this clumping or ending up with pieces around my eyes at the end of the day.


MAC – Versicolour Stain in Energy Shot :

I didn’t realize how much MAC stuff was in here until now but oh well. I know the big trend right now is matte liquid lips that you apply in the morning and it stays all day. Well this is like the glossy sister of that product. You apply it in the morning and it is like a thick lip gloss texture. Wait a few seconds and it will settle onto your lips and it is a long-lasting lip gloss. Shiny and tints your lips that lasts for hours. I will probably end up picking a few more colors of this up in the summer. It’s an amazingly soft formula that lasts forever with the perfect amount of shine.

Milani – Lipstick in Naturally Chic:

These are one of my favorite drugstore lipstick formulas. They have ranges of colors that work with everyone’s skin tones and are very wearable for the everyday person. They are very pigmented and soft. Smell a bit sweet which I can move past that because their formula is very creamy. They don’t last hours on end but I don’t mind reapplying a few times for how cheap they are. If you dislike lipsticks because they feel dry and hard on your lips, grab these to try out. This is the lip color I used in my makeup photos


Rimmel – Lasting Finish Lip Liner in Rose Quartz:

I think lip liners are a hugely underrated product at the drugstore. I rarely find myself buying lip liners at Sephora prices (besides the Marc Jacobs one, they are magic). My favorite is the Rimmel lip liners. I love this color in particular because it can work with a nude, brown, coral, pink, rose and even a plum. It is very universal and really sticks to your lips so the product on top I find lasts longer.

Colourpop – Super Shock Shadows in Weenie, Game Face and Hammered:

I love the Colourpop shimmer shadows. They have such a high amount of pigment and shine without fallout. They are almost like a cream shadow; you can blend them out with your finger or a brush. I love the copper tones the most in spring and the dark olive green with the gold reflect is awesome as smoky eyeliner. They are cheap and come in millions of colors. Go online and take a look.

Lush – Shampoo Bar in Seanik:

I know it sounds crazy a shampoo bar but I swear these have changed my life! You can rub them in your hands in the shower or rub the bar on your head and it will lather your hair just like regular shampoo. They come in different flavors and for different hair needs. This one is for volume and I def think it gives my thin hair some extra life. Best part of all is that these are travel friendly, to the gym or on vacation they are ready to go. If you use them about 3 – 4 times a week they last about 7 months!

Jo Malone – Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne:

To say that I am obsessed with this smell is an understatement. Every time I spray this on my clothes for the day it makes me smile with every whiff I get. It is the perfect balance of sweet and fruity with just a touch of floral. I do love Jo Malone Cologne, not so much their price tag. But this is one of the few brands I can say sticks with me the whole day and the smell never fades.



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