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Current Favorite Baking Books

I know that I already wrote a post on my favorite cook books, if you have not seen it you can read it here. But if you have not noticed, I am quite obsessed with baking as well. It would be unfair of me not to talk about my favorite baking books.

I think many people overlook baking books. They just assume they can find baking recipes in the dessert section of their favorite cook books. While that is true, you are also missing out on the potential for so much more. Below is my current favorite baking books. The books that inspire me to come up with new and exciting recipes and help me to advance my baking skills.


William Sonoma Essentials of Baking: I received this book when I was 12 years old; the same Christmas I was given my Kitchenaid mixer. It is covered in notes, flour and memories. When we use to host giant holiday parties at our house, I knew it meant I had a chance to make a recipe from this book and I loved it. This book has chapters on technique, essential cooking tools,  and all the classic recipes. Anyone who wants to get into baking needs this book. I will keep this book as long as the pages stay in the binding.

Cupcake Jemma The Cake Book: I stumbled upon Cupcake Jemma one day going down the elusive YouTube video black hole. I can by far say that this woman has the best flavor combinations out there. She takes everyday flavors and turns them into the best desserts. I had the privilege of going into her shop while I was in London and the treats were as good as I expected. Her book was available to buy in the shop and I knew I needed it. Her book is a gem (get it) but what is awesome about her is that if you want to actually see the recipe you can watch it on YouTube and then go recreate it. This is a small but powerful book.

Tanya Burr Tanya Bakes: I bought this book at first just to support Tanya Burr, because I honestly love her YouTube channel and blog. She is a woman that makes me happy when I watch. She is just like me in the fact that she just loves to bake and that is where her desire to create this book comes from. Now that I own the book I would say I have made half the recipes in it and have not found one recipe that everyone doesn’t raves about after eating. You will probably see tons of her recipes on my blog as I think they are so worth sharing. But also she creates British classics which fulfills my dreams of all things British. The one note I will say about this book is that because it is from the UK they measure in grams not cups like us. Have a food scale handy.

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