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Strawberry and Cardamom Pancakes

Strawberry and Cardamom Pancakes


I think we can all agree that some morning you wake up and realize that today will require pancakes. I am a big fan of pancake and waffle myself. I make tons of versions of these, both sweet and savory. This recipe is a modification of the Jamie Oliver American Style Pancake recipe. I have been using this base recipe for a while and mixing whatever I want into it. There are two very distinct differences about this batter. 1) There is no sugar in the mix; by itself it is a very basic non sweet batter. This is great because you can add anything to it and the batter really takes on the flavor. 2) These are super fluffy… you know why? Because you separate the eggs and whip the egg whites until they are giant fluffy clouds and then fold them into the batter. I love this method, it instantly makes the batter light and fluffy. I am not sure what American taught him this trick but I appreciate it.

This version I decided to mix up the flavors a bit. I love strawberries and somehow you can always find decent ones in the supermarket year round so I try to use them whenever I can. For me cardamom is the perfect spice to mix with berries. It brings out the extra sweetness in the fruit with a soft spicy background flavor.


Recipe: Strawberry and Cardamom Pancakes

Servings: 7 medium pancakes


1 cup                     All Purpose Flour

3                              Eggs

1 tsp                      Baking Powder

5oz                         Coconut Milk (or whatever milk you prefer)

1 tbsp                    Vanilla Extract

Pinch                     Salt

1/2 tsp                  Cinnamon

1/8 tsp                  Ground Nutmeg

1/8 tsp                  Ground Cardamom

1/3 cup                 Chopped Strawberries


First you will need two bowls. One for the dry ingredients and egg yolks and the second to whip your egg whites in. I personally used my Kitchenaid to whip my egg whites cause I was not about to do an arm workout trying to make these pancakes. But feel free to grab a whisk and beat by hand.

Separate your eggs. Place yolks in one bowl and your egg whites in another. Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and turn on the mixer to Medium speed. In the other bowl with the egg yolks, add all the ingredients together, except the strawberries. Blend well with your whisk. Once the egg whites are looking fluffy (stiff peaks) and there is no liquid left in the bowl, take them out and fold into the dry ingredient bowl.

You will have to fold these egg whites in as they are fluffy and your batter is quite dense. Just take your spatula and slowly fold the batter into the egg whites. This might take a minute but keep folding them together until there is no more chunks of egg whites and it look like a smooth fluffy batter. Then add your strawberries into the batter.

Turn on the burner to a medium low heat (I always start at 4) When the butter is bubbling on the skillet take a scoop of batter and plop it onto the pan.

Wait until you start to see small bubbles along the sides of your pancakes and then you know it is time to flip. Just keep repeating the butter onto the pan before every new pancake. That will reduce your risk of burning them or sticking to the pan.

Once you are all done with your yummy pancakes, I love to top mine with some pomegranate seeds, raspberries, honey and a touch of whip cream, because why not throw a little extra excitement onto these pancakes.

Freezer Tips: I am a big fan of making tons of pancakes and freezing them so you can pull one out whenever you want it. But if you are making pancakes with fruit in them (like these) I always suggest putting a piece of parchment between them so they won’t stick together or get soggy.


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