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March BoxyCharm Subscription Review

March BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review

Alright, I will be reviewing the third box of my three month subscription of BoxyCharm. This is the March BoxyCharm box with the #BoxyCreepyCute theme. The one thing I will say about the BoxyCharm subscriptions that I do not understand is their themes.

Each month has a special theme but I do not see any correlation between the theme and the products. I don’t think I would theme a March box #Creepy Cute with Skeletons in your marketing, I would save that for Halloween. Nevertheless I wish they had more themed boxes where the products matched or just more thought behind what to put in each box. Although I do not have the Sephora Play Subscription anymore, I will say they nailed their themes each month.

As this is the last box in my subscription, I will say that I feel like I got more than my $58 investment that I paid. I was introduced to new brands, tried and loved tons of products, and feel like I saved a bundle. I do think the hype is real and worth it when it comes to the BoxyCharm Subscription box. I would give this subscription a 9 out of 10 (rethink themeing your boxes to match the products) I spent $58.00 and received $371.45 worth of product. If that is not a deal then I don’t know what it!

Ok, now onto reviewing the items in the box…let’s go!


Dirty Little Secrets – VelvetMatte Liquid Lipstick in Phantom: Retails for $14.00

First off I will say this is an exact dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Liquid Lip 22. It is a bright red with an orange undertone. Secondly, this is probably one of the longest lasting formulas I have tried. I was actually shocked when I wore it around to take photos, then had lunch and grabbed my makeup remover to take it off… and it didn’t even budge. I had to work hard to get this off with an oil and micellar water. Surprisingly thought this sat on my lips and felt like nothing, dried in a second and it didn’t accentuate the lines on my lips. This is an extremely impressive formula… but I hate the color. I am not that big of a red lip fan in general and being that I am a redhead having that strong of an orange tone on my lips tends to make the rest of me a funny color. I just cannot get on well with orange toned lips. Now if you can pull off an orange toned red than by all means grab this guy. But for me, this will get passed on to a friend.

Real Her – Lip Liner in I am Unique: Retails for $12.50

Now this color I like! It is a purple, plum with a undertone of pink. This glided on really smooth and was easy to blend on my lips to even wear as a lipstick. Would be a great base before a liquid nude lip to give it a bit of a pop. I think because it has a pink undertone it is wearable in the day and the night. I didn’t bleed or smudge once it was on which is a big test to pass. Overall I will use this a lot. The small downside is I prefer I twist pencil but this needs to be sharpened (who has time for that). All in all a great lip liner, very happy with the color and the formula. It will look great on all skin colors.

Smashbox – Photo Finish Primer: Retails for $16.00

I will be honest; I am not a big fan of Smashbox. I love their eyeshadows but that is about it. I have tried a lot of their face products and most either break me out or just look bad. I have tried this primer before a few years ago so I was semi unexcited to receive it in my box. There are some pros and cons with this Primer. Pros: works for all skin colors because it is clear, really does help smooth skin for a flawless foundation look. I wear long-lasting foundations anyways so I do not think this makes it last longer but doesn’t hurt to wear. It is silicon based, so if you like that type of primer this is for you. Cons: Tends to make me breakout, I find that this makes my foundation shinier as the day goes on. If you are oily add a matte primer over this. For my skin silicon primers just don’t work as well. All in all there will be days that I am sure I will reach for this primer but it is not a must have for me.

Naked Cosmetics  – Urban Rustic Palette: Retails for $39.99

These three shadows did not disappoint. They are extremely pigmented shimmer eyeshadow, not glittery just a strong shimmer. I was worried they might be a bit hard to blend but that is not the case. The green shade is the perfect olive green with a gold undertone. And really who doesn’t look good in a burnt orange shimmer eyeshadow. The plum color in the photos I thought would be more mahogany and red but it seems to be a plum shade with red and sliver reflect in it. It goes on dark so use a bigger fluffy brush to blend. I would say their formula is most similar to the pan shimmer Colourpop shawdows.  In saying that I don’t think that these are worth $40! I can buy a tarte palette for that. I even popped the eyeshadow pans out of the palette and placed them into my small Z palette from last months box.

Crown Brush – SS023 Deluxe Fan Brush: Retails for $18.99

I thought it was a bit odd that they did another box with another fan brush. But when I went on their Instagram it showed how thick the brush was and it is not necessary used for highlight like the other fan brush. Well once again they were right. I have been using this for my bronzer application since I have received it. It picks up a small amount of products and really smoothly applies it to your skin. No harsh lines, no deposit of dark color in one area vs another. This can also be used if you are going hard on the face highlight, or maybe a Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick. And if you are the person who loves a little highlight all over the body then this really is a brush you need.

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