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Irish Pigs in a Blanket

St. Patrick’s Day Pigs in a Blanket


This may be shocking news for you but… I am Irish. I know, if the red hair was not a beyond dead giveaway. My grandfather and mom always made a big deal on St. Patrick’s Day every year when I was little. She would make potatoes, corned beef and cabbage (although if you don’t like cabbage try bok choy it works the same) and even something green for dessert. My grandfather passed away when I was a teenager and as I have gotten older I still follow those same traditions and try to celebrate holidays like we use too.

This recipe is insanely easy, with only 3 ingredients! Yes, you read that right 3! If you are a mom who wants to have a bit of Irish food fun for your kids or like me and just love to celebrate yourself. This is a great recipe for St. Patrick’s Day to get you in the Irish mood. All of these ingredients are from Trader Joes (yes I am obsessed with them) but around March is it very easy to find Irish Bangers in the meat section of your local supermarket. I love the savory spices in Irish Bangers (sausages) but the Trader Joes ones are by far my favorite.

Recipe: Irish Pigs in a Blanket

Serving Size: 6 pigs in a blanket * if you buy two cans of crescent rolls cut your bangers into three sections and you will have 16 leprechaun sized pigs in a blanket.

Oven Temp: 380 Degrees F


6                              Irish Bangers (sausages)

1 can                      Crescent Rolls

1 tbsp                    Everything Bagel Seasoning (poppy seeds, garlic salt, sesame seeds)


I made these pigs in a blanket full sized but as I noted, you can buy two cans of crescent rolls and just cut the bangers to make them more bite sized.

Turn your oven onto 380F degree. Grab our crescent rolls out of the fridge and pop open (no matter how old I get that pop from the can still scares me). Divide all of the crescent rolls out and roll over with the rolling pin to make sure that they are an even size all over.

Next take your Irish Banger and place it at the bottom end of the triangle. Hold each tip of crescent roll end so that it touches the end of the sausage and start to roll up. Make sure as you roll it is staying in the middle. Once it is rolled up, place point side down on a tin foil lined baking sheet.

Grab your Everything Bagel Seasoning and shake all over the bangers. I even rolled them around a bit to make sure all sides were covered. If you don’t have this seasoning you can make it with the ingredients listed above.

Pop them into the oven for 22 mins. Watch them to make sure that the sausage does not look pink and the crescent roll is a fluffy golden brown. After that I let them rest for 15 mins. Do not cut or eat earlier then that or the juices from the sausage will make the crescent roll soggy.


It’s easy to halve the potato where there’s love. -Irish Proverb

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