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Irish Coffee Whoppie Pies

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Coffee

Whoppie Pies

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner it would be cruel of me not to post Irish themed recipes. Which in typical Irish fashion, it includes alcohol….well kinda. I am a huge fan of Irish Cream, also known as Bailey’s. It is a sweet mint flavor that you add to chocolate and coffee to create an Irish dream drink. Although I love an Irish coffee there is two tiny problems with turning that drink into a dessert. 1) I don’t like alcohol. 2) I need my desserts to be edible to people under the age of 21. My dessert takes on one small change. Which brings to me the magic of Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Creamer! (cue angel’s singing) It is the yummy flavor and taste of Bailey’s that is approved for all ages.

For this St. Patrick’s Day dessert I am going to make Chocolate Coffee Whoppie Pies with a Bailey’s Buttercream filling. This recipe is pretty much all my favorite words wrapped up into something that I can fit in my mouth. Now personally, I prefer quite large whoppie pies. If you need to make smaller ones you can cut the scoop in half for each whoppie pie side or use a small scoop.

Recipe: Irish Coffee Whoppie Pies

Servings: 12 Whoppie Pies

Oven Temp: 375F


Whoppie Pies –

1 2/3 cup                              All Purpose Flour

2/3 cup                                 Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 ½ tsp                                 Baking Soda

1/2 tsp                                  Salt

1/2 cup                                 Unsalted Butter, room temp

1 cup                                     Brown Sugar

1                                              Egg

1 tbsp                                    Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup                                 Milk

1/2 cup                                 Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Creamer

2 tsp                                      Instant Espresso Powder


Bailey’s Frosting –

1 cup                                     Unsalted Butter, room temp

4 cups                                   Powdered Confectioners’ Sugar

1 tsp                                      Vanilla Extract

1/3 cup                                 Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Creamer

9 drops                                 Green Food Coloring


For this recipe I suggest using an electric stand or hand mixer, unless you are ready for a serious arm workout. Frosting first: In a large bowl take your butter that is room temp and cream it with the electric mixer on medium speed. You want to whip the butter to make it lighter to prepare for the sugar to come.

Once it is whipped add two cups of powdered confectioners’ sugar to the bowl. Mix on a low speed, don’t forget to scrape down the sides and bottom to ensure everything is mixing well together.


Now add your Bailey’s Coffee Creamer and vanilla to the sugar butter mix. At this point most people get scared they have ruined their frosting because it becomes a funny texture when you add liquids. But fear not; just keep stirring on a low speed until all of the liquid is incorporated.

Then add your final two cups of powdered confectioners’ sugar to the bowl. Once everything is fluffy and incorporated, scrape down the sides of the bowl and add 9 drops of green food coloring and mix until the frosting is a light mint green color. Place the frosting in a piping bag (or Ziploc) and place in the fridge until you are ready to frost the whoppie pie sides.

Whoppie time!!! Turn the oven on to 375F. In a bowl you will want to cream your butter and brown sugar. When doing a chocolate versions of whoppie pies I find that brown sugar makes them taste better and a denser cake consistency. Once those are completely whipped together, add your egg and cream together again.

In a small cup combine the Bailey’s Coffee Creamer, milk and instant espresso powder. Stir it well to make sure the instant espresso dissolves into the liquid. This cup will be the liquid mixture for your batter.

In another bowl combine all of your dry ingredients and whisk. You want to pour half of your dry mixture into the butter sugar bowl. Beat on a low speed until all the powder is incorporated. Then take half of your liquid mixture and pour into the main batter bowl. Mix again on low speed until your batter looks smooth. Scrape down the side and continue the same process again with the rest of your dry mixture then the liquid.

Once your batter is looking beautiful, stick it into the fridge for 5 mins. I find that when I let whoppie pie batter chill for a bit they do not spread as much. After the 5 mins, grab a medium sized ice cream scoop or a large tablespoon if you want smaller whoppie pies. Scoop the batter out and place on the foil lined cookie sheet. Once you have scooped all the batter onto the sheet you will notice that the tops of the domes have marks and little pieces of batter sticking up. To eliminate that from the tops of your whoppie pie sides, dip your finger in warm water and pat down the tops. Then stick the whoppie pies into the oven. I cooked mine for 13 mins. Check yours to make sure they are fully cooked. Once out of the oven let them sit on the counter to get to room temp before frosting.

Grad your frosting from the fridge and let it sit out for a min or two. If the buttercream is too cold it is harder to pipe. When the whoppie sides are cool find their mate and stack them together to make sure you have enough full whoppie pies.

Take one of the sides and fill it with the frosting. I love a good portion of frosting, so load as much as you want onto the whoopie side. Then place the top on and give it a little squeeze. Continue on with all of the rest to make 12 perfect Irish Coffee Whoppie Pies.

*Store these in the fridge. Because of the buttercream they are best right out of the fridge. You can also freeze the left over buttercream for another time.

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