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Current Favorite Cookbooks

My Current Favorite Cookbooks

I can honestly admit that I own more cookbooks than I do regular books. I have rows of my favorite cook books lined up on my dining room wall, just waiting to be plucked to create new and yummy recipes. With two more cabinets full of cookbooks waiting to get swapped onto the shelves when it’s their time. I am the girl who walks into Barnes and Nobles, and walks right past the best sellers directly to the cook books section and could stay there for hours. Although I may have many cook books I am very selective about which books I purchase as well as use. I want cookbooks that teach me new recipe with easy to find ingredients. I want good photos as well as tips and tricks on making the recipe. I have books from different cultures, countries, and a few celebrities.

But time and time again I find myself going back to the same books. When there are thousands of cook books it can be hard to pick which books are worth buying. The cook books below are my most used cook books. Each unique and perfect for the everyday cook, but all serve a different purpose. So have a seat and get your Amazon cart ready!

Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food: My mother and I are massive and I sadly mean massive fans of Jamie Oliver. I first was introduced to Jamie when he was considered the Naked Chef. No, not because he was naked, but because his ingredients were organic (before it was trendy) and his recipes used real food to make heart warming dishes you didn’t even know you were craving. The Everyday Super Food cook book is one of my favorites out of all the Jamie Oliver books I own. His recipes really talk about what is great about the ingredient’s. What you should be eating more of and what food really helps feed your body. And honestly some bomb flavor combinations I never thought about. If you are someone who wants to focus more on eating better but not giving up on flavor, this book is a great start. To purchase, Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food

Trisha Yearwoods Trisha’s Table: Yes, I was a skeptic when a Country singer showed up in the Food Network Saturday lineup saying she could cook. But I will admit, I freaking adore her and her sister! Her recipes are super easy and a quicker version if you love Southern Comfort food. She also has a load of healthy alternatives to Southern foods. I constantly grab her book when I need to make a dish for a party, especially in the summer. To purchase, Trisha’s Table: My Feel-Good Favorites for a Balanced Life

Ross Dobson Market Vegetarian: For a few years ago in College I was having stomach problems and turned vegetarian trying to stop it. I am a big fan of vegetables but honestly besides boiling and roasting veggies I was not sure what else to with them. This book saved my butt! So many great recipes for people who want to cook more vegetables but not sure how. This book is also totally vegetarian so that is a plus. Bonus, they have some great photos. To purchase, Market Vegetarian

Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Come on, how can I not talk about this classic! Yes, its Julia Child the great. In all honesty though when I first got this book I was not even sure if I would use it. I mean come on I don’t have hours to cook or tons of French ingredients on hand. But none the less I found myself reaching for this more than I ever thought I would. I really rely on this book for cooking meats, sauces, and to learn technique. This book weights as much as a human baby so there is little that is not explained in this book. If you are a bit more of an experienced cook, that wants to learn more technique and cooking styles this is an awesome get! To purchase,Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Haylie Duff The Real Girls Kitchen: This book was a present from my mom a few years ago because she loved Haylie’s simple take to food. Besides the great easy to follow recipes with simple ingredients, the most unique thing about this book is that most recipes are for 4 servings or less. Many cook books make recipes that feed 4 to 10 people, but when you live alone and just want to make dinner that amount can seem unreasonable. This book would be the perfect gift to a girl going into college who wants to make quick and easy recipes that will feed you and not an army. She also has a super fun cooking show which I love to watch. To purchase,The Real Girl’s Kitchen



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