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Beauty Subscription Box: February BoxyCharm Review

 February BoxyCharm Review

If you have not read my first article raving about the BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription, you can read that here.

I purchased the three months subscription back in January. In my first article I reviewed the #BoxyCharmAwards January Box. This time around I am reviewing the #BoxyGalentine February Box.  I thought this was a really cute idea and perfect timing because mine arrived on Valentine’s day.


Makeup Geek – Individual Eyeshadow Pans in Barcelona Beach & Unexpected: Retail for $6.00 each

I own several Makeup Geek products before I was sent this. I am a big Makeup Geek Fan. Their makeup is priced extremely well and they are a one stop shop. I think their quality of shadow is very similar to the Anastasia eyeshadows, but with a million more formulas and larger color range. They are very pigmented, easy to blend, with pretty much no fall out. Barcelona beach is a great blending color for your crease but can also be used as a contour color if you are very fair like me! I am a sucker for a purple eyeshadow so Unexpected was right up my alley.It is almost of mix of light plum and light grey.  Both of these colors are cool toned.

Z Palette – Small Z Palette: Retails for $14.00

Great thinking BoxyCharm! When I first heard that they were putting pan eyeshawdows in the box I thought oh shoot where am I going to put those. My current XL Z Palette is full, and to my surprise they put a small Z palette in the box. I love my previous Z Palette and the new Small one as well. A small Z palette can fit up to 9 regular sized eyeshadows. They are so darn handy to have. You can purchase many products for cheaper in pan form and these palettes are where you can store them.

Royal & Langnickel – OMNIA Eye Kit: Retails for $29.98

I will be honest; I am a sucker for a brush. I was super excited to receive these two brushes in the February box. I really love that the handles are metallic chrome colors, easy to find in the brush container. These two brushes are a great size and length to do a lot with. The smaller brush you can use for glitter, the inner corner highlight or just to put color on the whole lid. If you are trying a super smoky eye you can even use it to buff out your liner. For the large brush, it can be used to blend color all over the lid or eye. Works great to blend in the crease and above. I even find that because of the bristle length it is great at blending out cream or stick eyeshadows. And most important of all, they are really freaking soft!

Japonesque – Pro Performance Lipstick in shade 02: Retails for $20.00

I always get a little bit nervous when I am getting sent lip products that I have not tried out before. Because of how pale white and pink undertoned I am with red hair, my lip colors tend to be much brighter and warmer undertoned than they might be on another person. It takes a lot of tries for me to find a lipstick that looks good on me. I was nervous when I tried this, but it is a keeper! It is a bright pink with a touch of coral in it on me. This color will get worn a lot in spring and summers, as it just screams take me out in the sun. More than the color the formula feels very good on your lips. It is very comfortable with a satin finish. The closest I could compare it too is the MAC Amplified Cream Lipsticks. They feel almost identical!

Dr. Brandt – Microdermabrasion: Retails for $79.00

The biggest and most expensive product of them all! I have tried samples of this a few times and was underwhelmed with it. Mostly because of the fact that it intensely smells like bad lemons. But I really do like exfoliators for my skin so I decided to give this another try. MAJOR NOTE: When I originally tried this I used a dime sized amount and worked it all over my clean dry skin in a circular motion and then washed it off. When I got this tube I was just about to use it and I decided to read the directions (cause you know that is what they are there for) Apply to damp skin and massage in cream for 1 – 3 mins, then rinse off. Well I didn’t do any of those steps the first time so I tried it like the directions state. I damped my face with warm water and massaged the product in for one min then let it sit for two mins. When I washed it off I could feel the difference instantly! Although I still do hate the smell I can move past it because it really does remove all the dead skin without any irritation or redness. This is a major win in my book.



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