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The Subscription Box that is Worth the Money

The Subscription Box that is Worth the Money

If any small part of you is addicted to getting the latest and greatest in beauty, then you are well aware of all the beauty subscription boxes that are available today. For me, it took a long time to get on the subscription box bandwagon. I couldn’t understand why I would pay someone to send me a box of stuff when I could just use that money and go buy what I really wanted. What if you don’t like the products, what if they don’t work with our skin tone or hair color? You can’t return, it you already paid for it! Also I just don’t feel like putting out money each month to get sample sized products that I can get for free in store.

I started my subscription box journey out with the Sephora Play Box. I received two months worth of boxes and then cancelled. Here are my notes of Sephora boxes just to compare.

  • The box is only $10 which is really nicely prices. You receive 5 sample sized products, a perfume sample, and a cute bags that it all comes in. I think that is decent for $10. Plus every box comes with a card that is 50 Sephora points which you can redeem in store.
  • There are two main reasons that I cancelled this subscription. 1) The products were just too small. These were sizes I get from 100 point perks or add on products I get for free when I order online. 2) Most of the products were stuff that I already had or have tried.
  • This box would be a great gift to someone (or yourself) if you are newer to makeup and want to try a lot of products without putting too much money into it. I do think that this box is great for a certain market, just not me.

Now onto the main event… the subscription box that is actually worth the money…. BoxyCharm

BoxyCharm, I had first heard about them while watching Kathleen lights YouTube channel when she did her unboxing every month. I was always so shocked how many different brands they had in there and how many REAL SIZED products they had. No more samples! After watching her videos I decided I had to test out this Subscription.

Pricing: I chose to do the three months to start out. For $58 bucks I will get  a total of 15 products from my BoxyCharm boxes.

For almost that exact same price I can get one Urban Decay Naked Palette. So you can see why I obviously had to have this box.


January BoxyCharm Box:

Each month the box has a different theme, this month’s theme was #BoxyCharmAwards

Below are all the products I received in the box as well as a mini review….

Crown- Soft Fan Brush SS017: Retails for $12.99

I do not currently have a fan brush in my hoard of makeup brushes so this was a nice surprise. I normally do not prefer fan brushes for highlight application because I find them to leave a straight line of product verses making it look blended into your skin. But I think because if the cut of the bristles I do not find that this brush has that issue at all. It is a soft blended line of highlight.

Oscar Blandi – Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray: Retails for $23.00

I did a full review with photos of this product in my Dry Shampoo Battles which you can read here.

Bottom line, I was not a fan of this product as a dry shampoo but I love it as a texture all over hair spray. I use it when I braid my hair as well as curling it to make it look a bit thicker and last longer.

Vintage- Highlighter Double: Retails for $35.00

This is by far my favorite item in this box. As I am the color of milk, it is very hard for me to find highlighters that compliment my skin tone versus looking like smeared glitter on my cheek. Both of these colors look great on my skin. One has a pink undertone and one has a brown white gold undertone. I can for sure say this highlight will look good on all skin tones. (Good Job BoxyCharm)

PUR- Chateau Cheek Stain color Cabernet: Retails for $26.00

This is a bit of a unique formula. If you have ever tried the liquid cheek stains from benefit this is a jelly version of that. I think if you are going for a natural no makeup makeup look this is your jam. It’s fresh and honestly will be great for summer. I also use this to stain my lips before I use lip liner. My only tip is move fast; it is a stain so dot it on your cheek and use the brush on the other side to blend out quickly. If you like the Benetint Cheek stain this is a way more user-friendly version with a nicer ingredient list.

Adesse- Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat: Retails for $18.00

I will be honest I think this is a great nail top coat but I disagree with the name of it. I think it is a soft matte or even just a suede top coat. On your plain nails or on nail polish it just takes the shine down a bit it does not fully matte them out like some other Matte polishes do. But besides that, it dried super quick, no bubbles and a great brush for even application.

Overall I am super impressed with my first BoxyCharm Box, can’t wait for the next one.





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