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Mini Fruit Pies

Mini Bleeding Heart Fruit Pies

Let’s all take a moment to be honest with ourselves… we all love pie. I mean there are so many different variations of flavors and crusts. Do you prefer a double crust, a single, maybe even a crumble top?? I myself am a big fan of fruit pies. I love the way fruit taste when it is cooked in the oven, it really brings out all the natural sweetness. But I hate how messy pie’s are!!! I mean no matter how you try to cut them they goop everywhere, you never get a good fruit to crust ratio. And because of those issues I have come up with the mini pie! They are already portioned out for you, easy to transport, heck you can even pop these in a kids lunch to take to school.

For this mini pie recipe, I really focused on the combo of picking good fruit and one of my favorite jams. Please note: I said jam not jelly. For this recipe go ahead and pick your favorite jam that you think will compliment the fruit the best. I chose a Holiday Jam from Trader Joes ( it’s one of my favorites) it has plums, cherries, and spices. These are probably one of the fastest pies you can make. If you need to produce something that taste good and looks good in a snap, these mini’s are made for you.


Mini Fruit Pies

Servings: 10 mini pies

Oven Temp: 375 Degrees F


1                                              Premade or Store bought Pie Crust

1/3 cup                                 Raspberries, halved

1 cup                                     Strawberry’s, chopped

1 oz                                        Acai Puree or Juice (Pomegranate Juice as a substitute)

1/4 cup                                 Fruit Jam

2 tbsp                                    Honey

2 tbsp                                    Unsalted Butter

1/8 tsp                                  Ground Cardamom

1/8 tsp                                  Ground Nutmeg

1 tbsp                                    Sugar


Essential Cooking Tools:

  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter, small
  • Mini muffin tin
  • Small cup

Take your pie crust out of the freezer the night before you make these pies and place it in the fridge. If you are in a rush, place the pie crust in the fridge for 30 mins and let it sit on the counter at room temperature until it rolls out without the crust cracking. Once the pie crust is moveable, roll it out and take a rolling pin and run it over the dough a few times to make sure everything is flat and has no cracks.

Turn your oven on to 375 F. Take all the ingredients, except the sugar, and place in a medium sized pot.  Turn the heat on to medium low. With fruit you want to make sure you cook it low and slow so the natural sugar in it has time to release and not burn.  Keep stirrings every minute or so to make sure no fruit gets stuck to the bottom of the pan. You want to keep the fruit at a low simmer the whole time it is cooking. That ensures that you get a thicker filling for your mini pies. Once the filling looks reduced, almost like a jam consistency, take it off the heat and let it set to room temperature.


Grab your mini muffin tin and spray it really well with non stick cooking spray (For baking I like to use a Coconut Oil spray). If you want to be fancy you can use a circular cookie cutter but for mini muffin tins I find that a one cup paper Dixie cups is the perfect size. Start as close to the edges of the dough with your cutter and push the cup into the dough for a perfect cut every time. Then you want to lightly press the dough into the muffin tin holes. Make sure that there are no air bubbles or tears in the dough.

Once all the circles of cut out dough are pressed into the muffin tin take your heart shaped cookie cutter and start cutting out one heart for the top of each mini pie. Take the 1 tbsp of Sugar from the recipe and place it in a small low bowl.

Construction time! Take your muffin tin with your dough already fitted nice and neatly in there and take 1 tbsp scoop of the fruit mixture into each crust. You want the filling to touch almost the top of the crust. Do not overfill these or the fruit will be running all over your pan and oven. Take the heart pieces and dip in the sugar. Place the heart on the top of the filling with the sugar side facing up.

Take the tin of mini pies and place in the center rack of the oven. Cook for 18 mins, check to see if the crust is starting to look golden brown. If not, stick them back in for 3 to 5 mins. I cooked mine for a total of 21 mins before the crust was the perfect color. Let them cool on the counter for about 30mins. Once they are room temperature pop them out and place on a cute serving plate… or in your mouth.

Now you see where they got their bleeding heart name <3