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How This All Began

How This All Began

Hello Peeps, I am Haley and welcome to my sprinkle sized spot on the internet. I am the Ginger part of our little blogs title (see hair). The other half is my half-Bichon half-Shih Tzu, ridiculously happy dog, Sage. I am a quarter-century into this so called thing of life and let me tell ya there is a lot I have learned and a lot I freaking wish someone would have warned me about. Welcome to my journey of attempting a Martha Stewart Lifestyle with a bit more sass, and a lot less jail time.

About Me:

 I did the typical thing, graduated high school, went to college. Right out of college I started working corporate jobs in the Bay Area. Most of my life was completely centered around my work, and not my actual life. In May 2016 I was working at a Corporate Job… then out of nowhere I was laid off (more on that in another blog post). Everything changed, I had to figure out how to rebuild a new life for myself. At that moment I decided that this is the point where I start to rebuild my life to form what I want for myself. I am currently living in Northern California, still with my dog Sage (obviously), working at a great job.

This blog is very much an online version of me, from food and beauty I love, to tid bits of info I have picked up along the way.  I decided to set this blog up to be a place where people can go for information to help them in their everyday life. I hope this blog can help someone take better care of their skin, get a new meal on the table faster, or finally feel super confident at their job interview. If so, I have done my job!

In this blog you will find a few things in the categories that make up Ginger and Sage.

Sweet & Savory

Well I have been obsessed with cooking and baking since I was about 10 years old. Instead of watching Saturday cartoons I use to watch Food Network. I got my first Kitchenaid Stand Mixer when I was 11 (and still have it) I pretty much have been hooked since.  No you will not see me on Top Chef because 1) I am not a professional nor claiming to be. 2) Frankly, I don’t like being yelled at all that much. I like to say that I am a cook and baker of the real world. I like making things that taste good, don’t need 10 hours of prep work, or cost $100 per meal.


This category is probably the most expensive and expansive category.  I got my first neon blue and gold eye shadow from Sephora in 6th grade and have been strongly addicted to all things beauty since. The one subject that I will talk a lot about on the Beauty part of my blog is that Beauty is for EVERYONE!!!!  I will always make a conscious effort to talk about all skin types, all skin colors and makeup for every age. I am tired of companies either selling products to 20 year olds that they cannot wear to work or telling 50 year olds they can’t do eye shadow, instead go buy wrinkle cream. Bottom line, if you want to wear makeup and learn about skincare the only requirement is to have a face and be willing to try.


 This section is more along the lines of what I would chat about with my girlfriends. There are topics that I think need to be discussed more with men and women in a positive environment. Also this is a Shit I wish I knew section. Everyone grows up so differently than others and our main sources of information as we grow into adulthood is what we learn online and the people we are surrounded by.  In this spot you might find tips on real life issues like budgeting, interviewing, heartbreak, mental health, even travel.

Grab some tea and a carb and rummage through… Hope you enjoy!